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Women - By: Kayal Jeyaseelan

What is being a woman?

Is it being a daughter or a wife?

What does being a woman mean to me?

Is it really just another phase of my life?

Powerful, assertive yet kind and gentle,

Few words I believe are put into our mind,

Yet should all women want to follow the same?

Shouldn’t we set out for our own definitions to find?

Tall, lean bold and beautiful,

Are not just mere adjectives of our time.

They make you want to be;

they make us to want to see,

That being a woman ends with this one defining rhyme.

If your appearance didn’t define you?

And it wasn’t about being all bold and fine?

If the roles you carried didn’t really matter?

Would you consider to re define?

What is being a woman,

I am really yet to find

But if there is someone to ask,

It Is Being yourself and believing yourself

Ready to take on every passer’s task!

No one can put you in a little box!

Being a woman begins with you being self-aware,

Start looking inward and find your identity

To find your definition start looking there.

Celebrate your mother and celebrate your friends

Celebrate your journey, the one which never ends

For in every woman there resides that beautiful soul

A different one with different commands!

Please explain your writing and thought process regarding this poem.:

Well writing about some topics are close to your heart. I just remembered all the amazing women in my life specially my mom and grandma!

Why did you choose to write this poem?:

I wrote this poem on the occasion of women's day. It was really something, I myself pondered upon often. I used poetry as a tool to express my emotions and that's how this poem came alive!

Do you have any tips or anything to share with the youth writers who may be reading this?:

Always Follow your heart and let your words make you free!

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Congrats Kayal

It's really pleased to know you are accomplishing great things beyond the limit.....go ahead 👍👍👍👍👍👍


Malar J
Malar J
Aug 17, 2022


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