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Sa-Tūrn - By: Abbey Villasis


Helps us overcome barriers.

It is a beautiful night out here in the village,

And I realize that my cycle and the moon

Are one.


I eat chocolate because I am forgetting...

Times when I’ve wanted to yell out,

“I am green, and you are purrrrrple!”

To no reply.


Dada installations.

On the floor; In the sky.

It is a beautiful night out here in the village.

And we,

Are one.

Please give a detailed explanation about the meaning and main idea of this poem.: I have always been inspired by esoteric things and concepts. I really like classical literature, and I often find myself repeating and interpreting their beliefs in my own work. Sappho has had a big impact on me, and recently I've also been enjoying the works of Mary Oliver. I guess this poem is just a culmination of many of the things I've read, what's been on my mind lately, and ironic coincidences.

Please explain your writing and thought process regarding this poem.: This poem was easier to write than my usual process. I had this one saved on my desktop, buried underneath a pile of applications that I would encounter every now and then, and until its completion, I just found that each time it appeared I had something new to add.

Why did you choose to write this poem?: I'm never sure.

Do you have any tips or anything to share with the youth writers who may be reading this?: Read and write everything you can.

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