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Remind Me - By: Manal Rashid

As you come home

To reclaim the misplaced remembrance

Even so, the pursuit hasn't stopped.

If we face deception on the way, remind me

of the beauty of artlessness, for those who lacked

the skill - uncultured.

If we face fear on the way, remind me of how

calm the wind is beside the gale - recluse.

If we face the emptiness on the way, remind me

of the heart and its desire - meaningful and aware.

If we face grief on the way - remind me of the

rejoice of our voice

And remind me,

Home is in the heart

I have come to the right post

The misplaced was only,

The writer-

Please give a detailed explanation about the meaning and main idea of this poem.:

This poem is described as a journey of one to find the misplaced in their life, in an effort to remember their past. With this motive, one desires the journey to be in ease. The one yearns that if they face deception, may they be reminded of the ruthless honesty of those who are truly grateful of themselves, even if they are not well off in the standards of this world. The one yearns that if they face fear of the journey, may they be reminded of how calm wind can be beside a storm, and may that calmness be inhibited in themselves. The one years if they face emptiness of their feelings on the way, may they be reminded of their heart and how it is pure and full of emotions, and how it is always aware and alive. The one yearns if they face grief in their journey, may they be reminded of their strong voice and how it rejoices them. The one realizes that during their journey, the mistake in their motives. The one realizes that home truly resides in the heart, and the One is at their destination already, the only misplaced was only the One, the writer.

Please explain your writing and thought process regarding this poem.:

My intial theme was entirely different while writing this. It was supposed to be a lighter poem but then it ultimately reminded me that I am writing about a hardship, and that a hardship should be written exactly how it is in order to portray it. Like how my other poems are written, I drafted all of my raw emotion on to my canvas and later honed it accordingly. I'm really happy with the outcome since it didn't take me a lot of time drafting it like how many other poems go through, and Im also really glad on how it turned out since it was a slightly different theme than most of my poetry.

Why did you choose to write this poem?:

I chose to write this poem as a to those who are still on an journey to themselves, and to remind that the road will never be empty as there are thousands with them. This poem is to remind those who are on their journey to keep pushing on even through the most rupellary paths.

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