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Poet - By: Binod Dawadi

I am the poet,

The judge of the society,

There are many voices,

Comes in my table,

I read them and present,

Them in the papers,

With my thoughts,

Someone's problems will,

Be public and immortal,

Where as someone did not,

Want to share their voices,

But such voices,

Is being presented,

Indirectly from me,

With their concern,

I am not a God,

I am not a care giver,

But my practice of,

Helping the world,

As well as society is going,

Through writing selling,

As well as donating people,

From my writing,

I can think physical as well as,

Metaphysical I am genius,

One of the unique mind and soul,

So I am a poet,

I stay in each ones heart and soul,

I know past, present and future,

I have medicine to solve,

Any pains or happiness,

Through the process of writing,

I am the poet.

Please give a detailed explanation about the meaning and main idea of this poem:

This poem titled 'Poet' tries to show the ideas reading and writing as well as it's importances for the world. Writer not only writes for to establish his or her identity name and fame. But real writer writes for the society. For welfare of people. Poet is the modern hero who is in everyone's heart and soul. The last hope of people or anyone is depend on the writer. They will give justice through their good heart, mind and soul.

Please explain your writing and thought process regarding this poem:

This writing is showing the importance of poet or writing. I think different ideas about writer. My friend one day ask me what is a writer. I give answer writer is the third God who writes and give happiness to all the people or world. So I compose this poem.

Why did you choose to write this poem?:

There were many poems which praises other people, animals or nature but the main hero of the society writer is not much praise, appreciated in the world. So I choose to write this poem.

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