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My Future Without You - By: Minisha Maharjan

I remember that cold rainy night When you hold me in your arms so tight You promised me you wont let me go, look at me now,all alone

You broke your promise,how could you do this to me? You cant imagine how lonely this journey without you have been And I cant imagine how my future without you will be

You meant everything to me My happiness,My comfort and my peace So why did you ever leave me When you knew how miserable without you I'll be

Your such a liar you said we are forever If it was true why are we now not together Your such a traitor,between me and heaven you chose heaven From up there can you see how miserable I have gotten In the heaven, did you move on and find yourself an angel? Even after I die I wont be able to meet you cuz I don't belong to heaven Yeah a devil like me never belong to heaven

The cold rainy night has now faded away But the clouds are still blocking my way I will never not stop loving you even though my future is without you

This journey without you maybe too painful But I'll handle the pain by loving you In future I'll be still miserable knowing my future is without you.

Please give a detailed explanation about the meaning and main idea of this poem.:

This poem explains the tragedy of a child who faced the death of her mother. The child expresses the grieve and tragedy that she has faced through this poem.

Please explain your writing and thought process regarding this poem.:

As she mentioned to her teacher, first she set a scene, wrote whatever come to her mind, and edit the poem at last.

Why did you choose to write this poem?:

As she mentioned, she likes tragic poems. and there is a good friend of her who lost her mother in her early days. Her friend often mentions her love for her mother without mentioning the word mother which feels astonishing and heartmelting.

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