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Letter For The Living - Anne Mirelle Ferreira Santos

The weird taste of the ground is not as bitter as

a day in life. Although the worms have

no shame in sucking, at such a short time, the rest

of where once laid life in me.

Not that there was much left, of course. I was stabbed so many times

that my dripping blood could paint a catholic church.

Death is a sweet lady, actually.

Blinded herself so she could not see the souls

she was forced to take, bringing no matter who when

Time decides. He is not as kind as death, I

assure you. He steals everything from

everybody and does not hesitate. He is cruel,


and wrathful because no one here fears him

anymore. You can't take away things from

those who already hold nothing.

I hate to disappoint you all but at this side? It is

a huge nothing. It is each one of my thoughts, it's the sound

of all the non released screams and is the river

of all the never shed tears who are gonna swallow all of us any minute now.

It is me. And Life. And Time. And Love. And

Death. Forced to look into each other to find


how I have not lived, have not loved and have

not feared.

I see Death's subtle smirk to be the first one

that ever met me.

And the only. Love searches carefully and unceremoniously

my whole body.

No prints

No scars

No place

No flowers

No mourners

Nor funerals

Because there is a place for the bad, and for the

poets, and for the ones poisoned by love

but there is no place for the forgotten and unremembered.

Who never lived nowhere has no home to


My unmarked soul stands still through their

final gaze, and Life's shadow whispers

in a language I never learned.

Somewhere an ethereal bell rings.

The sweet relief of Death frees all of us the

same way.

Without consent, her kiss wakes me up to the


Please give a detailed explanation about the meaning and main idea of this poem.:

The main idea of the poem is someone that have died, thinking about what life really is and facing Death, Time and Life in the infinity. The meaning, I believe, it is something that each reader should decide.

Please explain your writing and thought process regarding this poem.:

I wrote every sentence that came in my mind about the idea while I was inspired. After that, I change a few things to be able to tell the story I wanted to through my words.

Why did you choose to write this poem?:

I had an inspiration and decide to turn my own personal thoughts about life in a poem that tells the perspective of a character that represents me in many ways.

Do you have any tips or anything to share with the youth writers who may be reading this?:

If you have any sentence in your mind, write it right away. This will help you to keep the main idea of your inspiration, even if you change the sentence later.

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