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In a Room Full of People - By: Chiara Frangione

Alone in a room full of people.

They huddle around me, the ones I

beloved But their faces are in a muddle, and I

seem to be scolded

The darkness surrounds me, my eyes

are a blur

And all other words are weird, in a slur

I suffocate on the thickness of silence realizing, I must adapt and start breathing

out of my nose

I am suddenly frightened realizing the

decision I chose

Lonely in a room full of people.

They offer support, understanding but under those softened eyes, is a scowl of


They want to help but also turn their

backs, when I’m in bad health all my

feelings are unpacked

The moment I’m sad, scared or in need,

no one seems to be there to take the lead

Isolated in a room full of people.

Backed up into a corner with no escape,

the only way out is to self isolate

I run past the familiar yet now unfamiliar

faces filled with disgust

Running flailing my arms I simply thrust…


Push past the madness to find some

gladness but all I find at the other side of

the green pasture, is sadness…

Betrayed in a room full of people.

Life is about the balance, the highs and

the lows

But when no one can be happy for the

highs, the saying really blows

Look around at their smiling faces, one

moment excited for you the next moment


You try to pull them closer to get them

engaged, but they pull away from you Screaming “GET AWAY!”

You’re always happy for others, always

positive, when you feel like you’ve been

kicked in the gut this feeling is repetitive

Betrayal will prevail when all else fails, so

stop trying to crawl on the rails the train

will come and its obstacle derailed.

Defeated in a room full of people.

Like a little bug, I sit squashed on my bed

All the hurtful words, spinning around in

my head

I feel belittled like my feelings are


Too tired to keep swimming in the deep,

deep scary ocean.

I have no life rings to pull me afloat

What’s the use of drifting along if I’m in

some sinking boat?

Misunderstood in a room full of people.

Thousands of people are accessible to me

but will any of them really understand how

to make me perceive things properly?

It’s always my fault and I’m always in the

wrong, never trying hard enough just

skidding along

But I try my hardest no matter what’s

wrong plaster on a fake smile just to

continue along

But I’m still not tough enough, too soft, in

a negative cycle that’s been endured long


I’m disturbed in a room of people.

My heart beats, my body sleeps my mind


My consciousness distracted my cheeks flushed,

my nose stuffed

My ears ring. What’s happening?

That’s a recurring question that will never

be answered it just keeps suggesting


my legs stop kicking,

my arms stop diving,

my feel stop paddling,

my body stops floating,

my nose stops breathing,

my mind stops spinning,

I start drowning.

My only way of survival is to be alone

solemnly, but that doesn’t stop me from

being lonely.

And then they wonder why I’m always by


Please give a detailed explanation about the meaning and main idea of this poem.:

This poem represents the feelings of being alone when facing challenges and overcoming obstacles of adolescence. It is about finding inner strength and reconciling with these challenges.

Please explain your writing and thought process regarding this poem.:

This is an expression piece. The poem describes what many of us feel or cannot sometimes verbalize or express.

Why did you choose to write this poem?:

This poem was meant as a personal reflection piece. Initially, it was an outlet to write down feelings. It is liberating to write down feelings and reach out to others through my writing, inviting them to reflect on their feelings as well.

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