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Imprisoned - Sara Deutsch

Lost in a world without colour it all turns to blur

Trying will fail and failing will pain

When words can’t spark the mind flicks

The breathing loosens as the clock ticks

The eyes bleed in pain

As the whip cracks down

Falls on the burden of the soul

No affection is found

The mind won’t link so temper will blink

Breathing is struggle but learning is more

Movement is forced can’t loosen the pull

Imprisoned in terror black eyes like a doll

They squirm in place as the beast strikes

All pain is covered up struggle won’t show

Don’t anger the dark for the black will grow

Only souls left no bodies remain

All covered in strings pulled as a game

The reflection of fear just can’t restrain

All will continue the bulb has lit

The halo of darkness cries tears in the mist

Only to fall of lingering faith

All because of the one

red soul no face

When approached all will stare

At the white eyes imprisoned glare

Please give a detailed explanation about the meaning and main idea of this poem.:

This poem is my personal struggle between humanity, myself ,and depression . The only thing that would make me happy was sharing my misery with the world. One day I found that I was able to write my thoughts on paper without boldly declaring my thoughts but more softly suggesting the crazy emotions going through my head. I loved that I was mysteriously capturing every aspect of the torment i was going through and at the same time clearing my head of my burning thoughts. Although I know little about poetry I hope that at least one person will appreciate my work and determination. Although I want most of this poem to be a secret I will share a little bit. This poem talks about the three stages of how negativity possessed me. The first is where you feel nothing is right and everything is collapsing. The second is where you are so possessed you feel that the demon is controlling your every move. You watch as you hurt people you love even though you have no control. For the third I would like to leave a secret for you to figure out by yourself.

Please explain your writing and thought process regarding this poem.:

My writing is all about struggle and controlled movement where I felt completely possessed by depression and negativity. My thought process writing this poem was that I would finally clear my head from all the haunting demons that roamed.

Why did you choose to write this poem?:

I chose to write this because I didn't like keeping all the negativity in my head so I wrote it on paper.

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Jr Chittle
Jr Chittle
Nov 29, 2022

Poetry is a wonderful way to express yourself. I think you are quite talented--this poem is deep.


finn lee
finn lee
Oct 28, 2022

This really captured a lot of pain, I'm glad poetry has found you; this is such beautiful work!

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