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Cries of My Soul - By: Edmund Modest

My path is more than frustrating,

I see blues instead of You,

I witness other people moving

, But I'm stuck right here, drowning,

It's not that I don't wanna follow You,

Neither it is that I don't love You,

But I'm confused at what You are,

You seem not close as it's written,

You seem far when the pains of my heart pile up,

I seek You but sorry to my soul,

For I'm hurt more than it was before,

Where should I lay my trust, Lord?

I might stumble at times,

And even stuck in a pond of sin,

I might be stoning myself unknowingly,

For Your ways are too high for my little brain,

I might be thinking it's right while not,

Even though I step through a road of countless


And miss the right way,

Even though I might confuse Your voice,

Taking the enemy's as Yours,

Yes, I might fail terribly,

Again and again succumbing to tempetations,

But You keep on reminding me that,

I am but a young of Yours,

And that failures should tell me,

That I'm still being taught,

in the school of yours,

That I haven't mastered yet, and it isn't so far,

And so with all these,

I cuddle in Your hug of assurance,

And whisper to my crying soul,

”You're safe here".

My cries are fine, for You are mine,

I take no dine, You are my vine.

Please give a detailed explanation about the meaning and main idea of this poem.:

It's a lyric poem exploring the frustration that sometimes face believers and how GOD maintains His everlasting love and faithfulness in the midst of that all.

Please explain your writing and thought process regarding this poem.:

I usually get deep within me to ponder how following GOD looks like in many circumstances. It's an introspective writing with belief that GOD get moved when we speak genuinely from our hearts.

Why did you choose to write this poem?:

I believe GOD is the answer to all of the questions. And thus, calling Him in times of trouble and frustration is the oxygen for our survival.

Do you have any tips or anything to share with the youth writers who may be reading this?:

Somebody just needs to be real and know how to explore the deepest cravings of humanity.

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