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As I stand - By: Ashish Subedi

As i stand still with my shoulders high,

Rushes the wave of despair within

Countless words get crushed by rocks

Rocks which you carry in your lips.

As i sit gently in a couch

My Breathes changes its direction ,

\Breaking the silence of peace within

Peace which allows me to stand.

As i sleep softly in mattress

he hardeness in you keep me awake

By Scattering my pieces,

you reminds my dreams are over

as they are crushed by your rocks.

Please give a detailed explanation about the meaning and main idea of this poem.:

As i stand is a poem about a man who has broken from witthin and and with the world. Though he may or may not be in a position to live freely he is trying really hard to fight with the thing called life. The daily activities of his or her like sitting , moving and very basic of things are traumatized because of worldy action. Its a story of a person who has been broken and trying to work out with pieces.

Please explain your writing and thought process regarding this poem.:

Standing in top is difficult but what is more difficult is to stand everyday as a common man. And try to work out with life. Sitting is easy relaxation but what is difficult is to seat with those whom they can't stand your presence. While writting this i was in a place where i felt this deeply seeing my own despair and i put my despair in words. It is deeply connected with most people.

Why did you choose to write this poem?:

I choose this because it was mine sitauation and mine despair along with those who wake up everyday and fought with this thing called life.

Do you have any tips or anything to share with the youth writers who may be reading this?:

Its my very early work but i have wrote with this love to feel good. Those who are better than me in every since i hope they can felt how i felt about this poem.

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