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Alone - By: Richa Tripathi

And I watched

As everyone around me connected with their love

United with their soulmates

Found their center

And all I could do was watch

For when the bell rang

When the time came

I found myself backed in a corner

Home in the shadows


Why am I even surprised?

All I've ever been was alone.

Please give a detailed explanation about the meaning and main idea of this poem.:

This poem symbolizes all of those people who feel alone in the world, who feel like when everyone is moving on with their lives, that they can't.

Please explain your writing and thought process regarding this poem.:

I wrote this poem at night, when I myself felt this way. I was alone, in an emotional time. I just put pen to paper and started writing, all the edits happened much later.

Why did you choose to write this poem?:

I felt like I needed to. It was a poem for myself, not anyone else.

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